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Bendable high temperature resistant up to 200℃ ultra-thin NFC FPC tag

Bendable high temperature resistant up to 200℃ ultra-thin NFC FPC tag

Apr 8,2021
NFC is the most widely used in payment, access control, social media, and security of consumables management. NFC smart wear is being with great demand in payment, access control, and social networking. The form of the smart wearable is a silicone wristband or silicone bracelet, so the temperature resistance requirements for the chip of the product itself are generally between 150℃ and 260℃.

Dianchain's most NFC PCB FPC is generally temperature resistant to 150 ° C for 3 hours.  Now the temperature-resistant coating of the product has been tested and explored. The highest instant temperature resistance of customized PCB and FPC can reach 270℃~280℃.

Some customers also require NFC tags to be embedded on the side of the wrist for the smart wearable wristband, which makes the chip end of the tag need to withstand multiple bending, not only putting forward higher requirements for the thickness of the wristband material but also testing the solid crystal process of the chip. Through continuous exploration and improvement, the bending resistance of NFC FPC chip can reach 1.5 years in daily use.

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