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NFC Pairs with Smart Phone

Dynamic Anti-counterfeiting NFC Tags

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Counterfeiting identification

NFC Identity Recognition

Audio recognition NFC doll

Sensor MCU Communication

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Our Customization Process

Step 1

Requirements communication

At this stage, preliminary communication is conducted with customers to understand their specific needs and goals. Ask questions about use cases, feature requirements, scale, etc. to ensure a clear understanding of customer expectations.

Step 2

Customized solution design

Based on the customer's needs, develop a detailed customized plan. This program should include hardware and software requirements, as well as any special custom features. Ensure close communication with clients during the design phase to ensure solutions meet their expectations.

Step 3


Create a small-scale prototype to demonstrate the basic functionality of your custom solution. This helps customers better understand how the final product will look and function. Customers can provide feedback to ensure the prototype meets their expectations.

Step 4

Customer feedback and modifications

Gather customer feedback and then make changes to the prototype. This process may require multiple iterations until the customer is satisfied. Ensure timely communication so potential issues can be addressed in the early stages of the project.

Step 5

Production and testing

Once the customer approves the final prototype, production of the custom NFC solution begins. Conduct comprehensive testing before production to ensure product stability and reliability.

Step 6

Delivery and Training

Customized NFC solutions are delivered to customers and training is provided to ensure customers understand how to properly use and maintain the product. At this time, it is also recommended to provide a detailed user manual.

Step 7

After-sales service

Establish a sound after-sales service system to ensure that customers can receive timely support and solutions when they encounter problems during use. This helps build trust with your customers while also laying the foundation for future collaborations.

Step 8

Feedback loop

Establish an ongoing feedback loop to communicate with customers regularly to understand how the product is being used, collect feedback, and make updates and improvements as needed.


DCNFC Provides Product Customization

We have a professional R&D team to provide customization of NFC products based on your products and implemented functions.

Custom NFC Tags

Custom NFC Chips

Custom NFC Antennas

Customized Case

Customized Case


Intelligent logistics management

  • Customer Profile:ABC Logistics is a leading global provider of logistics services facing cargo tracking and inventory management challenges.
  • Business challenge or need:ABC Company needs an advanced logistics solution that can achieve real-time monitoring of goods, accurate inventory management, and improve overall operational efficiency.
  • Customized solution:We designed an NFC smart tag system for ABC Company, combined with a cloud data management platform. This customized solution allows ABC Company to track the location of goods in real time, accurately manage inventory, and improve the transparency of logistics operations.
  • Key functions and features:Secure data transmission, long-distance reading and writing, real-time monitoring, customized data analysis and reporting.
  • Achievements and benefits:ABC Company has successfully improved inventory accuracy, reduced the time cost of finding goods, and significantly improved the efficiency of global logistics operations.

Frequently Questions and Answers

Please see below for frequently asked questions, if you have other questions, please contact us directly, we will answer for you at any time
  • We need an NFC solution, can you provide one?
    Yes, we offer customized NFC solutions to meet your specific application needs. Our professional team will collaborate with you to ensure the delivery of a tailored solution that meets your expectations.
  • In which applications can NFC solutions be used?
    NFC technology finds widespread applications in various fields, including but not limited to payment systems, access control, logistics management, smart homes, advertising, and marketing. We can provide customized solutions based on your specific requirements.
  • We have specific hardware specifications, can you meet them?
     Yes, we support personalized hardware customization, including size, shape, read/write distance, and more. We will collaborate with you to ensure the product meets your hardware specifications.
  • How is the security of NFC solutions ensured?
    We prioritize security, and our NFC solutions include data encryption, identity authentication, and other security measures to ensure the protection of your information.
  • What is the cost of custom NFC solutions?
    The cost of custom NFC solutions depends on various factors, including hardware specifications, software features, production quantity, etc. We will provide a transparent cost estimate to assist you in making informed decisions.
  • Is the NFC solution compatible with our existing systems?
    We will ensure that the NFC solution is compatible with your existing systems and provide necessary integration support to ensure smooth deployment and operation.
  • How is technical support and after-sales service handled in the project?
     We offer reliable technical support and after-sales service to ensure you receive timely assistance and support when using NFC solutions.
  • What is the production cycle for NFC solutions?
    The production cycle depends on specific customization requirements and production quantities. We will collaborate with you to establish a reasonable schedule to meet your project timeline.

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