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What does NFC technology bring to innovative smart cities?

NFC tags, as a real-time and readable small storage chip, can allow you to experience the future of smart city management, specifically designed for manhole cover recognition and tracking, NFC technology seamlessly integrates into the manhole cover. This not only prevents loss and theft, but also ensures timely maintenance and repair. In addition, the efficiency of waste classification management has been improved to a new level, simplifying the labor cost of urban maintenance, and using intelligent classification to handle garbage, bidding farewell to the chaos of garbage treatment, reducing the labor cost of treatment, and contributing to the green urban landscape.


NFC label solutions for smart city applications

Used for identification and tracking management of manhole covers

Used for waste management and promoting garbage classification


Cases of NFC Applications in Smart Cities

Case 1

NFC tags help you quickly track manhole covers

The loss and theft of manhole covers affect people's travel safety. Driving carelessly can lead to traffic accidents, while pedestrians may not pay attention to safety hazards. Maintenance and tracking of manhole covers are crucial, making it convenient for management departments to quickly locate and solve hidden dangers in a timely manner.

Basic Parameters

Installation areaEmbedded in manhole cover
size30 diameter
Read Range5-10cm (related to card reader equipment)
Operating temperature-20 to 120 ℃

Electric Parameters

Chip Type213
agreementISO 14443-a
Erasure lifespan100000 times

The advantages customers can get

  • fast-track
  • Prevent loss and theft
  • Reduce safety hazards
  • Management department quickly locates and solves problems
Case 2

NFC tags help you intelligently classify and dispose of garbage

Install NFC tags on the trash can and a fixed NFC reader on the garbage transport vehicle, utilizing NFC intelligent automatic recognition of the trash can.

Basic Parameters

Installation areaSide of trash can
size30 diameter
Read Range3cm (related to card reader equipment)
Operating temperature-20 to 120 ℃

Basic Parameters

agreementISO 15693
Erasure lifespan100000 times

The advantages customers can get

  • Reduce processing costs
  • Improve resource utilization
  • Optimize operational efficiency

NFC Chips

Common NFC Chips for Smart City Applications

The following are widely used NFC chip products. We can also provide customization of special NFC chip products.

Management PPS label for 30mm diameter high-temperature and metal resistant manhole cover

Waterproof and moisture-proof garbage bin classification PPS electronic label with a diameter of 30mm

Passive Rewriteable Iso14443a Chip Smart Tamper Proof Small Nfc Tag

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