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NFC label innovation NFC gas tank applications, providing information tracking, safety traceability management
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Gas tank industry

What does NFC technology bring to the innovative gas tank industry?

NFC tags, as a real-time and readable small storage chip, can help manufacturers optimize inspection processes, easily track and manage, bid farewell to manual logs, embrace digital convenience, and reduce security risks caused by inadequate inspections. Install a card reader at the warehouse entrance to seamlessly track and manage gas cylinders. The embedded information can be updated in real-time to achieve accurate and up-to-date records. This not only simplifies inventory management, but also greatly reduces the risk of errors and enables traceability of product entry and exit data. Installing labels on gas cylinders allows for monitoring of their service life at any time, timely refurbishment and maintenance, improving usage safety, and screening to automate the gas cylinder filling process.


NFC label solution in the field of gas tanks

It is used for the safety information traceability management of gas cylinders, and the NFC application example of the device is quickly located

Example of NFC application for controllability in gas cylinder filling process


Case studies in the field of gas tanks

Case 1

NFC labels help you with safety information traceability management of gas cylinders and quickly locate devices

The NFC label is embedded on the side of the gas corner valve of each gas cylinder, which is convenient for manufacturers to inspect, locate and track, track and manage the situation of each gas cylinder in real time, and reduce safety risks.

Basic Parameters

Installation areaEmbedded gas angle valve
Read Range10-25mm (related to card reader equipment)
Operating temperature-20 to 85 ℃

Electric Parameters

Chip TypeMIFARE Classic EV1 /S50
Erasure lifespan100000 times

The advantages customers can get

  • Security Informatization Traceability Management
  • Quick positioning device
  • Reduce safety hazards
  • Say goodbye to manual logging and embrace digital convenience
Case 2

NFC labels help you control the filling process

Attach NFC labels to gas cylinders, monitor their service life at any time, read relevant information, and filter them to the filling production line to achieve limited filling of dedicated cylinders and avoid refilling of scrapped cylinders, achieving safety and controllability.

Basic Parameters

Installation areaEmbedded gas angle valve
Read Range10-25mm (related to card reader equipment)
Operating temperature-20 to 85 ℃

Basic Parameters

Chip Type213
agreementISO 14443-a
Erasure lifespan100000 times

The advantages customers can get

  • Monitor the service life at any time
  • Automated filling of gas cylinders
  • Safe and controllable

NFC Chips

Common NFC chips for gas cylinders

The following are widely used NFC chip products. We can also provide customization of special NFC chip products.

The 20*16mm high frequency and high temperature resistant gas Angle valve is applied with MIFARE Classic EV1 /S50 chip

High frequency and high temperature resistance 213 chip automatic filling gas cylinder with NFC electronic label 22*16mm

RFID high temperature resistant PCB waterproof Electronic label Asset Management NFC label 10 * 14.5mm

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