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Who are We

DCNFC is an Innovative Company Focused on Providing Highly Customized NFC Solutions

DCNFC is an innovative company focused on providing highly customized NFC solutions. Our mission is to create a more convenient and secure connection experience for customers through advanced technology and excellent service. Whether in anti-counterfeiting identification, data transmission or other fields, we are always committed to providing customers with the highest quality NFC technology solutions.


Our Core Values

Technical excellence

We have a passionate and professionally experienced R&D team that constantly pursues technological innovation and excellence to ensure that our solutions are at the forefront of the industry.

Customer oriented

We always put our customers' needs first. By deeply understanding our customers' business challenges and goals, we customize the NFC solutions that best suit them and provide strong support for their business development.

Quality promise

We strictly follow high-standard quality control processes to ensure that each NFC solution meets the strictest quality and safety standards to ensure that customers can use our products with confidence.

Why Choose Us

Cooperate and Unlock the NFC Future Journey

Whether you are looking for advanced payment solutions, smart access control systems, or exploring the possibilities of the Internet of Things, DCNFC will be your reliable partner. We look forward to working with you to create a better NFC future!

Customized services

No matter how unique your needs are, we can provide highly customized NFC solutions to meet your specific business requirements.

Technological innovation

We pay close attention to the technology trends in the industry, constantly introduce new ones, and provide customers with the latest and most advanced NFC technology solutions.

Comprehensive support

In addition to providing high-quality products, we also provide a full range of technical support and after-sales services to ensure that customers can receive timely help and support when using our solutions.

Founder and CEO: XIAO

Committed to Becoming a Leader in NFC Solutions

I deeply love technology and innovation, uphold the belief of transforming the power of technology into creative solutions, and lead our team to become a leader in the field of NFC solutions.

My background and experience

With many years of experience in the Internet industry, I am well aware of the development dynamics of the industry and the importance of technological changes. My experiences have shaped my deep understanding of technology and innovation.

My vision

I believe that the future of the digital era will be based on seamless connections and efficient communications. As the core of realizing this vision, NFC technology will play an increasingly important role in all walks of life. My vision is to create a smarter, more convenient and safer connection experience for customers through the NFC solutions provided by DCNFC.

Leadership philosophy

We are proud to employ the best engineers, manufacturing experts, innovators, craftsmen and industry leaders, and I emphasize teamwork and innovation. At DCNFC, we focus on the development of every team member and encourage them to take on challenges and pursue excellence. We provide a safe and developmental work environment for all employees. We use our company's expertise to produce high-quality products and create value for our customers. Additionally, we carry out this mission for the planet by leading sustainable production and operating practices to minimize environmental impact. I believe that a dynamic and positive team can provide excellent solutions to our customers.

Customer first

In every decision we make, the needs of our customers are always at the core of our focus. Through in-depth cooperation with customers, we are able to better understand their business challenges and provide them with the most applicable and innovative NFC solutions.

Social Responsibility

I firmly believe that technological innovation not only brings success to enterprises, but also brings positive changes to society. Therefore, DCNFC actively participates in [social responsibility projects/charitable activities] to contribute to society.


DCNFC Team Core Value

At DCNFC, we are proud not only of our NFC solutions, but also of our excellent team. We believe that the team is the engine that drives innovation and success, so we have brought together a passionate, experienced and versatile team dedicated to providing customers with the best NFC technology solutions.

Excellence and Innovation

Every member of our team pursues excellence and continues to pay attention to technological innovation in the industry. We believe that only by continuous progress can we provide our customers with cutting-edge solutions.


We emphasize teamwork and open communication. By leveraging each member's professional skills, we create a work environment that supports each other and works together.

Customer orientation

We know that our success is inseparable from the trust and support of our customers. Therefore, our team always focuses on our customers' needs and strives to provide them with the best solutions and services.

Continuous learning

Changes in the technology field are changing with each passing day, so we encourage team members to continue learning, follow the latest trends in the industry, and maintain the leading edge in technology and industry knowledge.


Meet Our Core Team of Professionals

R & D personnel

Our R&D team is the backbone of our technical strength. They are proficient in NFC technology and are committed to continuous innovation to push our solutions to the forefront of the industry.

Technical Support

Our technical support team is key to our customers' success. They have extensive technical knowledge and are ready to provide customers with quick responses and solutions.

Sales and Customer Service

Our experienced sales and customer service teams will provide you with personalized service, understand and meet your needs, and ensure your satisfaction throughout the entire cooperation process.

Project management

Our project management team focuses on ensuring projects are delivered on time, within budget, and maintains close communication with clients to ensure project goals are successfully achieved.

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DC-NFC focuses on highly customized NFC solutions, providing customers with a convenient and secure connection experience through advanced technology and excellent services. In areas such as anti-counterfeiting identification and data transmission, we are committed to providing customers with the highest quality NFC technology solutions. Welcome to inquire and experience the convenience and security brought by excellent NFC technology.
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