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What is NFC Bidirectional Transmission?

NFC communication occurs between the initiator device and the target device by means of AC magnetic field coupling. Any NFC device can be the initiator device or the target device, and carry out carrier modulation in ASK mode or FSK mode to transmit digital signals.NFC dibirectional transmission is a active connecting mode when transponder can be used as sender and receiver, so does initiator device.NFC bidirectional transmission mode can be applied as NFC E-paper, wireless NFC billboard, wireless NFC electronic subway map transmission, NFC copy courseware automatic acquisition, etc. All LED screens without wifi and Bluetooth, when people close to the device can update billboard content through mobile phones etc.

NFC shared E-screen

NFC E-screen Workflow

Display your inspiration now ! Let NFC E-screens help ur words, paintings, designs, demands like water flow to each corner and to be known by everyone...

Customizabe NFC E-screen

Ensure each E-screen is installed with NFC modules and programming with data. E-screen size can be customized in 50*50mm and the other bigger size. 


Editable E-screen APP

E-screen billboard ads can be rented by the hour, and anyone can edit content and upload pictures in the APP at any time as long as you have demands of recruitment, route instructions, product displays, design releases and major event posters.


One Tap to Share E-screen 

Users can share info by tapping phones with E-screen through App. Each game device can be equipped with the E-screen module, as long as the game players can reach a touch, then they can join in same game and enjoy fun together.


Data Downloadable & Forwardable

When passeners hold smart phone to tap E-screen , data is supported to be downloaded in smart phone and shared with others. Everyday E-screen can be with different information.

Key Characteristics of NFC E-Screen

Let creation and inspiration be easier and transimission be faster

Diversified Creation Mode

E-screen can be with two different mode for engineers to program . Under privacy mode, E-screen just can act as tag, users just can tap and get information. If developing with public mode, engineers can create specific APP for people to freely upload and innovate with new designs.

Low Power Consumption

Influencing power supply capacity: E-screen and phone field emitting strength,  E-screen and phone's distance. 
Normally max Phone's field emitting power supply capacity is about 10mA. 
E-screen module defaulted max output voltage: 3.6V.

High Security

* Unrewritten 7 bytes UID ;
* OTP function in CC area( data writing once,and irreversible data after writing)
* Read-only locking storage area
* Algorithm-based mutual secure authentication
* Stealth function in the field
*Adjustable user security data area size  and the algorithm controls access rights

NFC Technology

Interactive Mode

E-screen can be transmitter,also it can be receiver. There is no strict limits to the reeciver, receiver also can be smart phone or another E-screen. 
Easy to install 
E-screen can be customized with carrying battery or directly connecting with power. If no requirements to connect with WiFi, or bluetooth, E-screen still can show the indicated information. 

Security Protection

Silence mode
  • E-screen supports to be setupped with silence mode. Under this mode, E-screen can't be programmed and be recognized by any of other devices except indicated reader. 
  • CT Lock Bits can help to separate read only data and lock limited data.
  • No power consumption under standby mode
  • Originality check signature verified with wafer supplier

NFC Bidirectional Transmission

NFC Chip Application Industry

DCNFC provides various NFC Bidirectional transmissions chips to many industries and plays a vital role on brand promotion.

NFC Billboard

NFC billboard can provide subway line map, art preview in advance, advertising and so on. People only need to put their mobile phone near the billboard to obtain advertising space or download the current map line. And the advertisement only needs to be edited through the mobile phone. No matter it is music, video or painting, it can be displayed on the  NFC billboards at the 1st time. 

Wall-hanging Electronic Manu

The wall-hanging NFC LED screen can be developed with customizable APP.  Shop owner can design menu or poster through APP in advance. And whenever shop owner just needs 1 tap to change manu. Meanwhile customers can place orders and pay online by touching menu boards with their mobile phones.

Electronic Price Tags

Electronic price label is synchronized with the background system information, real-time update of goods in and out of the warehouse, picking demand and other information. Operator just needs to hold smart phone or reader-write to tap price tag to change unit price. When price tags pass gatedoor, tags can help automatical payment settlement. 

Electronic Warehouse shelf tags

NFC electronic shelf tags can be used to update the corresponding material data of the warehouse with the purchase quantity, time and delivery quantity and time of the merchant. Warehouse keeper only needs to touch NFC shelf tags through mobile phones or designated readers to automatically update the specified data online.

NFC Amusement Park Screen

NFC bidirectional transmussion screen provides a convenient, cheaper option and quick way to change the information of exhibits or artworks displayed in amusement parks. Just need 1 tap to touch the screen with your phone or card reader to change the information. And tourists can use smart phone to download the history of each art work.

NFC Blackboard Screen

NFC Blackboard Screen can record the contents being written and speaking by teacher. When class over, students can use smart phone to directly download the whole information for review. NFC blackboard screen can help teachers to shorten the time of preparation.

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