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What's consumables authentication management ?

DCNFC provides Reader+Tag overall solutions for product traceability and consumable anti-counterfeiting. NFC tags are an ideal solution to prevent counterfeiting or unauthorized distribution. Using a smartphone or a dedicated reader, the product authenticity can be checked from the production line to the end user.The unique digital signature from some brand tags can be used as an anti-counterfeiting e-cert, or the memory latch function can be used to store the customer's private anti-counterfeiting e-cert.In addition, NFC tags, which employ non-volatile memory, also provide tracking, rich product information, and direct access to end-users, thereby improving consumer satisfaction.

NFC Consumables Management

NFC Tag Workflow

NFC tags can be used to track and manage spare parts for office supplies, equipment consumables, large equipment and machines. Device also can activate product by authorized NFC consumbles.

NFC Consumable UIDs

Each NFC consumable carrys with only one UID No.. Inside NFC tag can be customized with different size,  material and shape.


Embed NFC into product

The bristle part of electric toothbrush or other product's spare part embeds with NFC chip, can be recognized by smart phone (suppor NFC) or electric toothbrush rod carried with reader.


Simplify Stock Control

Staffs can use NFC reader or phone to do storage and output checking through NFC, which help inventory data to be automatically processed online and simplify management.


Varification of Parts

Eletric toothbrush rod has embedded reader, which can verify whether toothbrush head's NFC is made by brand owner. If yes, eletrc toothbrush start up.Otherwise no power supply. 

Key Characteristics

Simplify procedures of goods input and out, Verify authentication of products, Protect brand

No need to use APP

smart phone taps the tags and directly gets chip's unique ID number. Upload UID on the brand's platform to get verification.

Fast Inventory Inspection

Before storing into warehouse, only need 1 scan to each product, NFC electric toothbrush quantity would be automatically updated on platform. So does goods ex-warehouse. 

Authentication of Parts 

For avoding user adopting peer's same accessories casuing mismatching problems, embedding NFC can ensuare each product to be with unchangeable uid.And only matching with products can activate products' running. 

NFC Technology

Physically Unique Identifier

This is based on the fact that every chip is made with small, microscopic differences.
Physical uniquenessMost of NFC chips' identifier is unique, which has signature verified with wafer manufacturer public key. UIDs can be recognized by related reader or smart phone (support nfc function).This function can help shop to do inventory managerment.

Customized NFC readers and chips protect brand

Micro reader and chips
  • NFC reader can be developed as very small micro size 
  • They can be designed with silience mode. No matter readers or tags, they only can be recognized by your special customized application.
  • Reader only can be compatible with programmed tags carrying with keys
  • If parts of electric toothbrushs haven't match with the correct code nfc tags, machine won't start.

NFC Consumables Management

Application Industry

DCNFC provides NFC anti-counterfeiting labels to many industries and plays a vital role in their brand protection.

NFC for Ink Cartridge

NFC chip on the ink cartridge can be used as the identification proof of the ink cartridge, so that the printer can identify the NFC tag to start the work by itself. To some extent, it can avoid the error of capacity recognition caused by insufficient capacity of imitation ink cartridge.

NFC for E-cigaratte

People often use e-cigarettes as a bridge to trying to quit smoking. Now people's pursuit of the quality of e-liquids may promote the birth of alternative e-liquids. Therefore, the UIDs of NFC can be used as a way to identify authencication, also it can be used as a trigger to start electronic cigarette.


Each clothing contains the designer's design philosophy and the story of LOGO slogan. Businesses can tell the origin, development and inspiration of the LOGO through NFC fabric badges, just like sharing video by tapping NFC tags about how NO. 35 sporter won scores. Meanwhile each NFC badge has its unique ID number,  consumer can verify authenticity of product through ID number to support and salute to their idols.


NFC anti-counterfeiting tags embedded in the bag, terminal customer can verify bag by bag self's own unique authentication. It not only prevents the adulteration and sales of counterfeiting products of channel providers, sales terminals and store sales at the end of the chain, but also protects brand's benefits and impression, and maintains uniqueness of the innovation, which avoids the infringement of the rights of merchants and buyers.

3C Electronic Products

NFC has minimalist transmitter and receiver. DC NFC can provide one touch starting 3C equipment without switch. And brand 3C products such as electronic cigarettes has its own unique formula.For preventing other manufacturers of e-liquids from causing harm to its own cigarette rod, embedding NFC to e-liquid device is good to ensure only their own e-liquid can be identified. And consumers can share fun through NFC.

NFC for Package

Due to the size and shape of some products, NFC tags cannot be embedded into the product, but consumers have a demand for buying real products, and brand owner also need to prevent products from being copied. Therefore, it is necessary to use UID of fragile NFC tags to identify unopen package.

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