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Innovative clothing anti-counterfeiting application with NFC tags, adopting dynamic ID anti-counterfeiting and high imitation technology threshold
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Clothing industry

What does NFC technology bring to innovative clothing applications?

NFC tags interact with mobile phones, based on the dynamic tag anti-counterfeiting feature of NFC phones, which can be easily queried with just a gentle approach. The NFC anti-counterfeiting chip has uniqueness and cannot be replicated. The dynamic domain name consists of the main domain name, the unique UID of the chip, and the dynamic random code. After each recognition, the link suffix ID is different, making it difficult for counterfeiters to start, and the technical threshold is very high. And widely used in brand promotion, jump link promotion of store products, and verified for authenticity through the official website.


NFC label solutions in the clothing industry

Example of NFC application for anti-counterfeiting of clothing and textiles

Example of NFC application for clothing button jump links for brand promotion


Cases in the field of clothing

Case 1

NFC tags help you verify the authenticity of information through the official website

Place NFC tags in the middle of each textile, and with a touch of your phone, enter the product's official website to verify the authenticity of the unique code recognition. Dynamic domain name encryption is used, and each authentication mapping link is different. New links will be automatically generated next time, and the original links will become invalid (website links cannot be copied)

Basic Parameters

Installation areaPlaced in the middle of the textile
sizeDiameter 10
Read Range10-15mm (related to card reader equipment)
Operating temperature-40℃-150℃

Electric Parameters

Chip TypeFM13HS01
agreementISO 15693
Data Retention10 years
Erasure lifespan100,000 circles

The advantages customers can get

  • Scan to verify authenticity
  • Verify the authenticity of information on the official website and promote the product
  • To avoid losses caused by counterfeiting
Case 2

NFC tag jump links are used for brand promotion and traceability information

In this rapidly developing digital age, the dissemination of brand promotion and product traceability information needs to be rapid and efficient. The NFC tag is specifically designed for this purpose. With just a gentle touch of your phone, you can directly jump to your website link without downloading any applications, experiencing unprecedented convenience. Eliminating the cumbersome process of app download and installation, the user experience is smoother, compatible with most NFC enabled smartphones on the market, and enhances consumer trust while promoting brand awareness and product traceability.

How to combine NFC tags with buttons to achieve jump links

This case is using below products for your reference

Basic Parameters

Installation areaEmbed circular NFC tags into buttons
sizeOuter diameter 16 inner diameter 10
Read Range10-30mm (related to card reader equipment)
Operating temperature-20℃-85℃

Basic Parameters

Chip TypeFM13HS01
agreementISO 15693
Erasure lifespan100000 times

The advantages customers can get

  • Brand promotion
  • Product traceability
  • Improved consumer trust

NFC button production method

NFC Chips

Commonly Used Medical Components NFC Chips

The following are widely used NFC chip products. We can also provide customization of special NFC chip products.

Passive Rewriteable Iso14443a Chip Smart Tamper Proof Small Nfc Tag

Passive Rewriteable Iso14443a Chip Smart Tamper Proof Small Nfc Tag

Passive Rewriteable Iso14443a Chip Smart Tamper Proof Small Nfc Tag

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