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Up to 50 times washable embroidery NFC Fabric

Up to 50 times washable embroidery NFC Fabric

Nov 22,2019
As we all know, the UHF wash label in the RFID industry can help the clothing industry classify incoming materials, take inventory management, clean up sales details, and prevent theft. Some NFC can be identified by mobile phone terminal, it can also help the clothing industry to achieve the requirements listed in UHF, but it is more than that. It can help garment enterprises provide a channel for virtual social connection of clothing bags and shoe material products. Terminal consumers can socialize with the identification of NFC cloth tags, and provide virtual world support for product appointment updates, after-sales service, self-size information registration, and recycling through this NFC cloth tag.

On the market, most of the popular NFC tags are implemented as Dry/Wet Inlay, Paper Stickers, and PET stickers, but among them, their production process is to attach the wafer to the substrate through conductive glue, so through the test of washing water, most of these labels are washable for about 3 to 10 times.

However, when people use a piece of clothing, the number of washes is generally 20 rounds. After 20 rounds, some clothes will appear to be oxidized, shabby, and other problems, and the clothes may be idle or abandoned. Most of the FPC labels of Dianchain can reach 20 times continuous washability without requirements. For more demanding customers, Dianchain's NFC embroidery fabric tags can achieve up to 50 washes.

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