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DC Anti-counterfeiting Cable Ties won Gold Prize on 2020 SZ IOT Exhibition

DC Anti-counterfeiting Cable Ties won Gold Prize on 2020 SZ IOT Exhibition

Apr 14,2022
: At the 2020 Shenzhen IOT Exhibition, DC ( Shenzhen Dianchain Technology Co., Ltd) 's anti-counterfeited, anti-disassembly and anti-transfer NFC cable tie tag was developed during 2019 and 2020 and won the gold award among many products.

In June 2019, a top wafer supplier company began to develop a chip with an advanced CMCA encryption algorithm. Shenzhen Dianchain Technology Co., Ltd. has begun to conduct tensile and softness tests on different ABS, PPS, PP, PA and other materials to ensure that all the functions of the chip are intact and protect the vulnerability of the tail of the anti-counterfeiting and anti-dismantling tag to achieve its anti-counterfeiting and anti-dismantling and anti-transfer characteristics. For data security, the CMAC algorithm can protect the underlying data and generate unique and distinct data at different times of identification. 

At the physical level, the material of the label needs to be confirmed that it is not easy to break during transportation, cannot be removed and transferred during use, and greatly reduces the defect rate and protects all the functions of the label during installation. DC cable ties now can ensure their electrical features and fragile tail characteristics are perfectly used under pressure-requested conditions and to be realized in bulk manufacturing. 

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