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What is RFID and NFC? How can I use?

What is RFID and NFC? How can I use?

Update Time:2023/12/2
NFC is a short-range, high-frequency wireless communication technology that allows contactless point-to-point data transfer between electronic devices, some of NFC products can be directly read by most of smart phone (with NFC function one). If coordinating with smart phone ( with NFC), people can share urls, text, Geo location, wifi, bluetooth, email, activating APPs, and SMS and etc with friends, families, peers and other guys. For business part, NFC reader users can setup a loop for payment, customer can pay goods costs by tapping NFC stickers. Also as a small memory stickers with antennas can be read by devices, it can help medical industry to store some key point information. 
RFID,Radio Frequency Identification is an elder brother to NFC. RFID works by attaching an RFID circuit containing the RFID radio frequency part and the antenna loop to each item, which has read distance around 0.1~30 meters ( depending on using environment and reader). Normally it requires to cooperate with special reader devices. Most of RFID products would be used by company, institutions, hospital, warehouse and the others, which can help to do inventory management and so on. 

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