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Dynamic Anti-counterfeiting NFC Tags
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What is a dynamic anti-counterfeiting NFC tag?

NFC anti-counterfeiting is a method that utilizes Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to ensure product authenticity.Each product is embedded with an NFC chip, allowing consumers to use NFC-enabled devices to verify authenticity.The device communicates with a cloud-based database to compare information, ensuring the purchase of genuine products, and thereby safeguarding brand reputation and consumer rights.

NFC Pairs with smart phone

NFC Tag Workflow

As long as the smartphone is close to the NFC tag, it can quickly identify and verify the authenticity of the product, fight against counterfeit products, and win the trust of consumers.

Products UID

Ensure each product is equipped with an NFC tag containing unique identifying data. The smallest NFC tag is only 10mm wide


Phone tap tag

The user uses a smartphone with an NFC chip to approach the product and read the information in the NFC tag


Unique URL

Generate different non-duplicate URLs to access the server


Return verification results

Get the product anti-counterfeiting verification query results immediately, and the verification process is convenient and fast

Key Characteristics

Dynamic encryption ensures the reliability of every authentication

No need to use APP

smart phne taps the tags and directly gets authencity

Dynamic domain server

only 1 main domain url+unique identification number+dynamic random string ( generated through Turbo algorithm)

Dynamic domain name encryption

each authentication mapping link is different one, the next automatic generation of new links, the original link invalid (website links can not be copied)

NFC Technology

Physically Unclonable Function

This is based on the fact that every chip is made with small, microscopic differences.
Physical uniquenessDynamic keys (small external perturbations/probes can change the key, 1 tap would have 1 unique different key )

A reverse engineer cracker cannot replicate it

Strong randomness
  • PUF real randomness+encryption algorithm
  • keys are only generated when checking tags
Keys can't be stored
  • The key only exists for an instant
  • The key does not exist when it is not needed

NFC Pairs with smart phone

Application Industry

DCNFC provides NFC anti-counterfeiting labels to many industries and plays a vital role in their brand protection.


NFC anti-counterfeiting in liquor employs technology-driven solutions. Each bottle features NFC tags with unique identification. Consumers use NFC-enabled smartphones to verify authenticity, connecting to a database for assurance. This ensures genuine, high-quality liquor, preventing counterfeit products in the market.



Cosmetics embedded with NFC tags provide merchants a more simple inventory managment way. Accurate feedback from uploaded reviews and the actual situation of customers can be captured through the NFC ID number of each product, which would be helpful for sales company to develop more popular product and win larger market shares. 



Each clothing contains the designer's design philosophy and the story of LOGO slogan. Businesses can tell the origin, development and inspiration of the LOGO through NFC fabric badges, just like sharing video by tapping NFC tags about how NO. 35 sporter won scores. Meanwhile each NFC badge has its unique ID number,  consumer can verify authenticity of product through ID number to support and salute to their idols.


NFC anti-counterfeiting tags embedded in the bag, terminal customer can verify bag by bag self's own unique authentication. It not only prevents the adulteration and sales of counterfeiting products of channel providers, sales terminals and store sales at the end of the chain, but also protects brand's benefits and impression, and maintains uniqueness of the innovation, which avoids the infringement of the rights of merchants and buyers.

3C Electronic Products

NFC has minimalist transmitter and receiver. DC NFC can provide one touch starting 3C equipment without switch. And brand 3C products such as electronic cigarettes has its own unique formula.For preventing other manufacturers of e-liquids from causing harm to its own cigarette rod, embedding NFC to e-liquid device is good to ensure only their own e-liquid can be identified. And consumers can share fun through NFC.


NFC as small capacity memory card with identifiable characteristics for medical industry consumable service life, inspection,timely disinfection management and simple record patient conditions provide convenience, such as Φ 10* (T) 0.68mm ISO15693 tag can withstand -45℃ to 150℃. It can simply record patient's ID NO. to get the case, and also can trace source of the corresponding drug and provide use instructions.

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