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what is nfc tag?

what is nfc tag?

Jul 11,2024
what is nfc tag?
Near Field Communication (NFC) technology is a short-range wireless communication technology that allows devices (such as smartphones or other NFC devices) to exchange data in close proximity, evolving from the integration of contactless radio frequency identification (RFID) and interconnect technologies. NFC devices need to be close to each other (usually no more than a few centimeters) to establish a connection and communicate. The use of mobile terminals can achieve mobile payment, because of its short identification distance security has been recognized by everyone, often used in electronic ticketing, access control, mobile identity identification, anti-counterfeiting, etc
It can support three main modes of operation
Reader/Writer mode: An NFC device can read and write NFC labels or smart cards containing information just like a card reader.

Peer-to-Peer mode: Two NFC devices can exchange information between each other to achieve data sharing or simple communication functions.

Card Emulation mode: An NFC device can be configured to simulate a smart card so that other NFC devices (such as card readers or terminal devices) can communicate with it for payment or other authorized operations. NFC technology has a wide range of applications in modern life, such as mobile payment (such as Apple Pay, Google Pay), access control systems, electronic ticketing, smart labels and so on.
Common protocol
There are currently multiple non-contact communication protocols on the market, all of which use NFC technology but use different signal encoding and load modulation methods. NFC devices are compatible with these different communication protocols. Therefore, NFC devices can communicate with the following devices:
ISO/IEC 14443 Type A compliant Readers and Cards
ISO/IEC 14443 Type B compliant Readers and Cards
ISO/IEC 15693 compliant Cards
ISO/IEC 18092 compliant Devices
JIS-X 6319-4 compliant Readers and Cards
What is the purpose of NFC tags?
Information stored on NFC tags
Action initiated at NFC Device
Internet Link
Show the linked website
Phone number
Initiate a phone call
Short message
Send a short message
Send an e-mail
Point of interest
Shows a map with the point of interest
Start navigation to this address
Contact data
Store the contact data on the NFC Forum Device
Bluetooth pairing information
Pair with the Bluetooth device
WiFi keys
Login at the WLAN router
What is the Difference Between an NFC Chip and an NFC Tag?
An NFC chip is an integrated circuit (IC) that enables other devices, such as smartphones or payment cards, to communicate in both directions using NFC technology. Support for more complex data processing and security requirements, often used in scenarios that require more advanced features, such as mobile payment, security access control systems, etc. An NFC tag, on the other hand, is a passive device that contains an NFC chip and an antenna.
The difference is that an NFC chip is an active component embedded within devices, enabling them to interact with other NFC devices and tags, while an NFC tag is a passive device containing an NFC chip and antenna, used to store and transmit data when activated by an NFC reader or device.
The manufacturing cost of NFC labels is low, so it is often used in iot devices, advertising communication, product identification and other occasions that require simple interaction.

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